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Mark Shanagher

Herbalism & Healing




Mark is a Healer and Herbalist helping people treat and prevent illness to live a healthy, long and meaningful life. He practices Traditional Herbal Medicine, Ayurveda and Indigenous Healing Work which have been refined for generations to provide accurate assessment and guidance for each person.


With the help of herbs, diet and lifestyle advice a solid foundation is laid for physical well-being. This is supported by counselling, coaching and healing to provide a holistic system including the emotional, mental and spiritual issues involved. Concerns that are dealt with include chronic long-term disease, sudden health crises, feeling not quite right, resolution of limiting patterns and addictions, help in achieving goals and support with the next step in life.





Today there is  a widespread revival in the natural ways of regaining and preserving health. In the same way that we are now concerned with our environment, we know that our internal environment will benefit from natural alignment with the wisdom of Nature. 


We have evolved alongside plants and depend on them for air, food, warmth, clothing and medicine. The blessing of herbs is to help us to create the balance within, on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. From treating acute stages of illness through to deeply replenishing the system, the plants that bring us the flowers of the world, help us reach the same place of vigor and health within.


In consultation we will look at your health concerns, case history, family background, physical health, lifestyle, diet and mental and emotional outlook. We will also use tongue diagnosis and for those in person, pulse diagnosis. Treatment will include herbs administered in tincture or powder form to be taken typically three times a day. This will be accompanied with healing diet and lifestyle advice. As the herbs help us regain our health, they also support the inner work we are doing to be in better relationship with ourselves and the world.

Uniquely crafted herbal formulas are prepared for each person.




Health is vitality and the flourishing expression of our spirit. This is the concern of Indigenous Healing work the world over and throughout history. Where there is blockage, ill-health can result by filtering down through our spiritual, mental and emotional layers until it is manifest in our physical body. By leading our hidden parts out into the light, we find we are more ourselves and discover what we have been looking for. This is ongoing work of being here walking our path with more awareness, continually transforming ourself into the vision we have of who we want to be.


Healing sessions involve counselling and guidance and include practices which will help you move forward on your path. They can also include clearing old patterns and anchoring new ones, integrating the resources available to you, soul retrieval, ancestral work, channeled healing energy, work on the aura and energy centres.    




Mark offers a way to realign oneself with a deeper calling for health. This is supported through Herbal Medicine and Indigenous Healing Work. Through renewing our connection with the place where this voice comes from, we enter a space of potentiality where we can recreate ourselves. In remembering our primal relationships to Spirit, to the Earth, to all our Relations we offer ourselves a doorway to move forward in a real sense. Deepening these relationships gives us belonging, and meaning, and in turn, a profound sense of health.


Mark is an Ayurvedic Practitioner having trained in 2011 with Dr Mauroof Athique of Ayurveda College UK and in 2013 with Dr Deepa Apke of Ayurveda Pura, London. Since 2017 Mark has worked with Traditional Herbal Medicine in regard to Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs and is qualified as a Professional Herbalist of the East West Planetary Herbalism School. Mark’s passion with herbal medicine has been to apply the unbroken, sophisticated science of eastern medical diagnosis and understanding of disease to our use of western medicinal plants for the well-being and health of all.


As East and West are reuniting, so too are the North and South. Mark continues his training with medicine teachers from Ecuador in a tradition that unites North and South American Indigenous Earth-based healing practices. He has also trained in 2011 for three years with Chris Luttichau of the Northern Drum Shamanic Training Centre who lived for twenty years with the Native People of North America. He holds a BA (Hons) in Philosophy and a Diploma in Sustainable Horticulture.


Mark lives in Devon and see clients online and at his clinic in Totnes and Exeter.

He is an insured practitioner and a member of the United Register of Herbal Practitioners (URHP).


As a complementary therapist myself I can be very fussy about who I see. I have found Mark to be a most accomplished practitioner, with both grounded experience and impressive depth to his knowledge. His natural empathy, insight, humility and humour make him effective at what he does and also a delight to work with, I highly recommend him.

Claudia Bonney


Mark is an excellent Healer and Ayurvedic Practitioner. He has helped me immensely over the past year and a half. His genuine and sympathetic approach was refreshing. I would recommend him to anyone.

Anne-Marie Stevens


Having sessions with Mark has totally changed the way I approach my health and my everyday life – I feel so much more balanced and he has really helped me understand my body as well as my emotional and mental processes. He is a very grounded and humble practitioner and very much in his heart – I couldn’t recommend him more for such a healing and nourishing experience.

Isabella Hardy


Meeting Mark has definitely changed my life and the perception I have of myself. From a simple Google search, I have to admit I was quite sceptical at first but came with an open mind. I was blown away by how the herbs I was given affected my daily life on an emotional and physical level. Mark is a natural healer and has so much knowledge and wisdom to confront oneself to what is kept beneath the surface. Thank you Mark, you have helped me a lot and I believe some changes still occur now everyday because of your work.

Verene Wolff


Mark’s a patient, wise and caring man who I would highly recommend to anyone looking to build a better life for themselves and can’t thank him enough for the help and guidance he has given me.

Simon Williams

After many years of multiple attempts of healing through western medicine I was very disheartened thinking that my health issues would never be resolved. However, coming across Ayurveda, and especially Mark, my outlook on life has changed. I was introduced to a holistic approach that touches upon all aspects of life rather than just one symptom or issue. All therapies Mark carried out have been so beneficial to my health and happiness. After two weeks of using the herbs and following his advice I started seeing improvements in my health!

I have since then followed through seeing him during the stressful times of this year which amounted to a complete transformation of my mental and physical health. I have very much looked forward to each session that I would have with Mark and I greatly value everything he has taught me. I incorporate Ayurveda in my daily life and see improvements taking place in different ways; something I otherwise could not have imagined.

Diana Smiljkovic


Mark created a space in which I immediately felt relaxed and at ease. I would always leave feeling like a different person. I can recommend any of the treatments Mark offers. He is highly skilled, attentive and knowledgable. During our talks his response was always non-judgemental. The wisdom and guidance he offered has been a blessing in my life.

Emma Fitzgerald




To book a session or for a free 20 minute chat to check in please call or email:

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Appointments are on Skype, and at clinic in Totnes and Exeter.

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