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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine


Using the diagnosis of Chinese Medicine accompanied with Western and Chinese herbs we will treat illness and imbalance. With our busy lifestyles nowadays oriental medicine is a way of being able to rejuvenate the body at a deep level and help treat long-term and chronic cases.



In consultation we will look at your health concerns, case history, family background, physical health, lifestyle, diet and mental and emotional outlook. We will also use tongue diagnosis and for those in person, pulse diagnosis. As the herbs help us regain our health, they also support the inner work we are doing to be in better relationship with ourselves and the world.

“Meeting Mark has definitely changed my life and the perception I have of myself. I was blown away by how the herbs I was given affected my daily life on an emotional and physical level.

Mark is a natural healer and has so much knowledge and wisdom to confront oneself to what is kept beneath the surface. Thank you Mark.”

Verene Wolff

Uniquely crafted herbal formulas are prepared for each person.