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Today there is  a widespread revival in the natural ways of regaining and preserving health. In the same way that we are now concerned with our environment, we know that our internal environment will benefit from natural alignment with the wisdom of Nature. 


We have evolved alongside plants and depend on them for air, food, warmth, clothing and medicine. The blessing of herbs is to help us to create the balance within, on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. From treating acute stages of illness through to deeply replenishing the system, the plants that bring us the flowers of the world, help us reach the same place of vigour and health within.


“As a complementary therapist myself I can be very fussy about who I see. I have found Mark to be a most accomplished practitioner, with both grounded experience and impressive depth to his knowledge.

His natural empathy, insight, humility and humour make him effective at what he does and also a delight to work with, I highly recommend him.”

Claudia Bonney

In consultation we will look at your health concerns, case history, family background, physical health, lifestyle, diet and mental and emotional outlook. We will also use tongue diagnosis and for those in person, pulse diagnosis. Internal herbal medicine is administered in tincture or granules to be taken typically twice a day with water. This will be accompanied with healing diet and lifestyle advice. As the herbs help us regain our health, they also support the inner work we are doing to be in better relationship with ourselves and the world.


Uniquely crafted herbal formulas are prepared for each person.