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Natural Remedies for Your Children Workshop

Colds, Coughs & Immunity

Natural Remedies for Your Children Workshop

 Colds, Coughs & Immunity

 A day workshop in herbal medicine-making using organic, medicinal grade herbs.

  We will learn about new herbs, how to use them and make remedies with them.

 Come home with your own collection of medicines to treat friends and family!

In this workshop we will make three home remedies:


Decongestant Balm

AKA Snotty Balm – a salve to rub on the chest, neck, back etc for cough, colds, blocked sinus. Basically an herbal Vicks.


Immunity Tincture

To add a few drops in water or a juice drink, made of elderberry, cinnamon, holy basil and licorice.

Rosemary Infused Oil

We will use this in the Balm-making however it is a useful and simple remedy to have at home or in the kitchen.

Begin to collate a remedy kit at home to treat children easily.  

This is a kid-free workshop so that adults get some time to themselves.



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Learn how to make your own herbal first aid remedies in a day. And come home with a few jars of natural medicine to treat friends and family!



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